Isocyanato Silanes

Isocyanato Silanes is a series unique isocyanate functional silane. The isocyanate functionality exhibits the typical reactivity of an alkyl isocyanate and will react with most reactive hydrogen containing compounds. 

Isocyanato Silanes is reactive with -OH, -NH2, and -SH functional polyols and polymers, providing a moisture-cure silane crosslink mechanism, provides good adhesion to difficult substrates when employed as an adhesion promoter, offers fast hydrolysis in the presence of atmospheric moisture, provides superior wet adhesion to glass, metal and other inorganic substrates, resulting bond offers excellent thermal, chemical and UV stability.

The main model of Isocyanato Silanes are SCA-Y25E(A-LINK 25), SCA-Y25M(A-LINK 35).
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