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Classification of tackifiers

According to the difference of the solubility in the two phases of the ABA epoxy resin thermoplastic elastomer, the commonly used tackifiers are divided into three categories. The first type of solubility parameters are generally relatively low, and can only be compatible with non-polar rubber phases, petroleum pitch, rare earth and alicyclic petroleum resins, rosin and hydrogenated rosin resins, and tert-butene resins. , They can reduce the elasticity, modulus and cohesive strength of self-adhesive modified asphalt, and make self-adhesive modified asphalt with initial tack and peel strength.
Tackifiers are divided into water-based and oil-based. Water-based tackifiers include water-based tackifying emulsions, water-based tackifying resins, and water-based tackifying powders; oil-based products include tackifying rosin resins and modified rosin resins.
As an adhesive, the tackifier mainly improves the initial adhesion and holding force of the product; when used in coatings, it mainly improves the adhesion to the substrate.