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Silane impregnation


If you are the supplier of silane impregnation liquid. You can interested in using the Alkyl silane in your product. Like the Trimethoxyoctylsilane KH-832( The model of Momentive is A-137). What is the function you can get after using the silane?

1.Silane is a penetrating impregnating coating with excellent performance. It endows the microstructure of the concrete surface with long-term water repellency and maintains the function of breathing and air permeability. It significantly reduces the intrusion of water and harmful chloride ions, ensuring that the concrete structure is protected from corrosion and improving the concrete durability.

2.Silane has a small molecular structure. The pore walls of deep-penetrating concrete react with the hydrated cement to form a polysiloxane interpenetrating network structure. Through a strong chemical bonding reaction, the microstructure of the concrete surface is given long-term hydrophobicity and keeps breathing.Breathable function.The substrate after silane water-proof treatment forms a surface tension much lower than that of water, and produces capillary inverse air pressure, and does not block the capillary pores, which is waterproof and maintains the "breathing" of the concrete structure.