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The application of vinly silane, formulated silane, dry silane in XLPE


XLPE is a graft modification of molten polyethylene (PE) by the use of vinyl silane SCA-V71M (vinyltrimethoxysilane) under the action of peroxide, silane grafted polyethylene and then in water vapor. Under the action of the organotin catalyst, the cross-linking becomes a thermosetting resin which is a three-dimensional network.

Compared with ordinary polyethylene PE, silane cross-linked polyethylene XLPE not only greatly improves its mechanical properties, environmental stress crack resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, creep resistance and electrical properties. Moreover, it also significantly increases the temperature resistance level, and can increase the heat resistance temperature of polyethylene PE from 70 ° C to above 100 ° C, thereby greatly expanding the application field of polyethylene.

Our company's vinyl silane SCA-V71M (vinyl trimethoxy silane) is widely used as a silane cross-linking agent in the production of Monosil one-step wire and cable, pipe and Sioplas two-step method, Soaking impregnating cable material and water pipe material.

Our company's Formulated Silane is a single product that combines vinyl silane crosslinker, peroxide initiator, organotin catalyst, antioxidant and metal passivator according to different applications and resin types. Convenient for customers.

Dry Silane, is a silane masterbatch that use a foamed polyethylene carrier to adsorb Formulated Silane. It is an improved one-step process that uses liquid vinyl and other liquid additives in the original Monosil one-step process, now were changed to use only one dry silane masterbatch, successfully solving the problem of inconvenient addition of liquid silane. Dry Silane is available in a variety of models for a variety of different cables (copper/aluminum), water pipes and HFFR halogen-free flame retardant formulations.