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  • SCA-A67W

  • SCA-A67W

  • 82985-35-1

1.Product Introduction of the Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1):

Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1), Our model SCA-A67W (equivalent to Silquest® A-1170), is a versatile amino functional coupling agents used over a broad range of applications to provide superior bonds between inorganic substrates and organic polymers. The secondary amine function reacts with a wide array of thermoset, thermoplastic and elastomeric materials.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1):




Colorless to slight yellow, transparent liquid

Specific Gravity (ρ20), g/cm3


Boiling Point (760mmHg), ℃


Refractive Index


Flash Point, ℃



Completely and immediately soluble in alcohol and aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Ketones are not recommended diluents. Will react with water.

3.Application of the Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1):

Bis (trimethoxysilylpropyl) amine (CAS No. 82985-35-1), Silane coupling agent SCA-A67W, is an important additive for many applications. Examples are:

Silane-endcapped Polyurethanes: Silane-terminated polyurethanes can be prepared by reacting traditional NCO-terminated urethane prepolymers with SCA-A67W. It can react very fast with free isocyanate groups and lead to a high converted silane-endcapped product. Side reactions can be significantly reduced. SCA-A67W is the most recommended silane for endcapping Polyurethanes. It leads to colorless low-viscosity PU prepolymers with improved UV stability and reduced yellowing tendency of sealants. Another benefit of SCA-A67W is that it does not contain traces of toxic aniline.

Examples of applications where SCA-A67W used include polyurethanes for structural adhesives, parquet adhesives and over-paintable hybrid sealant.

Glass fiber/glass fabric composites: as a finish or size constituent

Mineral fiber insulating materials and abrasives: as an additive to phenolic resin binders

Foundry resins: as an additive to phenolic, furan and melamine resins

Sealants and adhesives: as a primer or additive and for chemical modification

Mineral-filled polymers (composites) or HFFR cables: for pretreatment of fillers and pigments

Paints and coatings: as an additive and primer for improving adhesion to the substrate.

As a primer for glass and metal.

4.Packing Details of the Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1):

The regular packing of Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1) is 25kg plastic pail, 200L steel drums and 1000L immediate bulk container.

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5.Storage and Shelf Life of Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1):

Should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated room; keep away from water, moisture, high temperature and fire. This product has a shelf life of at least 12 months if stored in tightly closed original container at room temperature.

If this product is kept beyond the shelf life recommend on the product label, it is not necessarily unusable, but a quality control should be performed on the properties relevant to the application.

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1):

Based on the quantity of Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1), we can delivery you by sea, by air and by express.


Q1what is the purity we can supply?

A1:For Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1), we can supply 93%and 95% purity.

Q2.what are the equivalents of some other silane manufacturers?

A2:The equivalents of Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine(CAS:82985-35-1), please see the list as below:



Silquest® A-1170

Momentive (formerly OSi Specialties)


Evonik (formerly Degussa)

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