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Polyethylene glycol trimethoxysilylpropyl ether CAS:98358-37-3

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                                     Polyethylene glycol trimethoxysilylpropyl ether CAS:98358-37-3

SCA-PEG500M is a hydroxy-terminated, Polyethylene glycol trimethoxy silane

It has below main application:

1, this product is used for the surface treatment of metal powder, mineral powder, pigment, etc. , can significantly improve the material's hydrophilicity and dispersion in the water-based system, reduce the viscosity. This product can be used in cosmetic industry because of its good water-solubility, non-volatility, physiological inertia, mildness, lubricity and make skin moist, soft and pleasant after use. Other recommended uses include, but are not limited to, water-based coatings, water-based inks, water-based adhesives, and other water-based formulation systems.
2. The solution of this product can be used as a hydrophilic coating to treat glass, metal and other inorganic substrate, so that the surface of the material has good hydrophilicity, recommended uses include, but are not limited to, biological culture, medical devices, optical glass,otovoltaic glass, anti-fog glass, self-cleaning coating, etc. .

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