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Silane Modifier for hollow glass beads

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  Hollow glass bead is widely used in many fields as a kind of light and high strength multifunctional filler. Adding hollow glass beads into the adhesive can reduce the thermal conductivity, improve the temperature resistance, reduce the dielectric constant and improve the signal transmission speed. Building sealant can reduce density, reduce volume costs, improve heat insulation, sound insulation, reduce system viscosity, improve flow leveling. In the automobile weld glue, it can effectively improve the performance of anti-rock strike, reduce the stress and deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and make the sealant have good heat insulation and sound insulation. Meilong glue can reduce the weight of rubber material, so that the operation is more smooth and convenient. Adding hollow glass bead into the coating can effectively improve the rheological property of the coating system, increase the volume solid content, improve the film performance, reduce the density, realize the film lightweight, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and so on.

  Compared with bulk pigments and fillers, the hollow glass microbeads produced by softening, melting, pearlizing and cooling solidification have larger particle size and larger contact area with film-forming materials, in order to make it disperse effectively and evenly in the formulation of adhesive and coating, it is very important to modify the surface of the composite. The silane coupling agent SCA-R74M produced by our company has good modified coating effect for hollow glass beads of different particle size and different application scenarios.

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