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Silane coupling agent- Assist the Power cable performance

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  As an important chemical assistant, silane coupling agent has been widely used in many fields. Today, we will focus on the silane coupling agent in the application of silane crosslinked polyethylene cable material, to see how it is to power wire and cable performance leap. Silane cross-linked polyethylene cable material is a kind of high-performance wire and cable material, which crosslinks polyethylene molecular chain together by silane cross-linking technology to improve the overall performance of cable material. Mainly used in the production of low-voltage power cable insulation materials. Compared with peroxide and irradiation crosslinking, the material has the advantages of simple manufacturing equipment, convenient operation and low combined cost, it has become the leading insulating material for low-voltage XLPE cables, especially designed for 10KV and below XLPE aerial cables and XLPE power cables insulation layer.

  Specifically, the silane coupling agent role includes the following aspects: 

1. Reinforcing material strength: Silane coupling agent can be polyethylene molecular chain tightly bound, thus improving the material's mechanical strength and tear resistance. 

2. Improve electrical insulation performance: through the role of silane coupling agent, can make the cable material in high temperature environment to maintain good electrical insulation performance. 

3. Heat resistance of reinforced material: silane coupling agent can improve the heat resistance of cable material, so that it is not easy to deformation or aging at high temperature.

  The following factors should be considered in the selection and use of silane coupling agents: 

1. Chemical property: select suitable silane coupling agent according to different production process and material requirements. The SCA-V71M and SCA-V71E

2. Dosage: proper amount of silane coupling agent can improve the performance of cable material, but too much or too little will affect the effect. Therefore, it is necessary to control the amount of silane coupling agent.

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